primero machine tools corp.

CNC Milling Machine


  • Extra wide base slideways combined with narrowway of straightness guide, ensuring high accuracyThe three axes employ high precision ball screws for maximum feeding accuracy.
  • The slideways X, Y ,Z axis are hardened. The table surface is heat treated. The T-slots are precision ground , ensuring high accuracy and rigidity on table.
  • The slideways are coated with Turcite-B for extremely smooth trraverse.
  • HTD timing belt provides high torque transmission effect.
  • The accurate counter-balance weight ensures service lift of ball screw and machining accuracy.An addition lifting hole prevent column from collision while in transportaton.
  • The surface accuracy is precisely inspected by a laser system..

High Precision Spindle

  • P4 class high speed angular contact ball bearing offers superioraxial thrust capability.
  • The long nose spindle allows for machining workpiece cavity without bumping against the workplace

Laser inspecttion

  • The adavanced laser unit is employed to check the linear accuracy
  • The machine offers positioning accuracy up tp ±0.005mm/300mm and repeata-bility accuracy up tp ±0.003mm.

Double nuts ballscrew

  • High precision ballscrews are pre-load to ensure accuracy andreduce thermal deflection.

Geneva tape ATC

  • 16-tools armless upgrades efficiency greatly.

4th axis CNC rotary table